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Rrecruitment service

Carevel is a recruitment agency dedicated to helping you find qualified healthcare professionals. Our goal is to offer you the best possible support in filling vacancies so that you can concentrate on your core tasks.



When it comes to recruitment, you can use Carevel to recruit and hire employees for your company. The employees are placed directly with you and are permanently employed by you.

Your advantages at a glance

Time saving

Finding suitable employees can be time-consuming. At Carevel, we take on this task and present you with a selection of qualified candidates who match your requirements.

Cost savings

Cost savings through outsourcing of recruitment activities. At Carevel, we take care of the recruitment and the initial selection of suitable candidates. This means considerable cost savings for you.


At Carevel, we have extensive experience and expertise in recruiting healthcare professionals. Therefore we can help you to find the right employee for the vacancy.

Personal finden

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