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Data Protection


In addition to the terms of use, our data protection declaration describes which personal data Carevel KIG collects and processes about you when you use it (hereinafter «platform»).

1. Responsible / contact

Collection and processing of the personal data collected from you when using is carried out by Carevel KIG, Bederstrasse 77, Zurich. Contact information:

2. What personal data is collected for what purpose?

a. Information we collect from you

We receive and store all information that you enter on our platform or give us in any other way, such as your application dossier. This includes information that can be used to identify you as an individual or to contact you directly. Other information that we may collect is details such as your IP address, information to identify your device and browser history, and information from the use of cookies or other Internet technologies, insofar as this information relates to you (so-called "personal data ", hereinafter referred to as "data").

b. Information we receive from third parties

We may also receive personal data about you from third parties. These can be the following categories:

  • Personal master data (name, address, dates of birth, etc.)

  • Contact details (mobile phone number, email address, etc.)

  • location and traffic data

  • Device identifiers, such as your IP address

  • sound and image recordings;

  • particularly sensitive data (possibly information about your health).

c. Use of Your Information

We use your data only insofar as this is permitted under the applicable data protection law and it is necessary for our business activities, ie the placement of specialists in the medical industry. In this context, we use your data to broker job offers in Switzerland, to improve our platform services and to tailor offers and services to your needs. We can also evaluate experience reports in order to pass on the knowledge gained anonymously to employers so that they can make their job offers more attractive.


3. Recipients of the data

We are subject to the Employment Agency Act and are obliged to keep the data you provide us with for the purpose of job placement secret. This means we are not allowed to disclose or sell your data to any third party. The data will only be passed on to third parties in connection with the job placement. This confidentiality obligation does not extend to data that you leave us as a registered user when you visit our platform.

Your data may also be disclosed to third parties if we are required to do so by law, court order or official regulation.

We may be dependent on using the services of third parties and instructing them to process your data (so-called order processors). Categories of recipients are:

  • Accounting, fiduciary and auditing companies;

  • consulting companies (legal advice, taxes, etc.);

  • IT service providers (web hosting, support, cloud services, platform design, content delivery services, map services, etc.);

  • payment service providers;

  • Social media providers if we integrate their plug-ins;

  • Providers of tracking, conversion and advertising services.

We ensure that these third parties comply with data protection requirements and treat your data confidentially.


4. International Data Transfer

Under certain circumstances, your personal data may be transmitted to companies abroad as part of order processing. These companies are committed to data protection to the same extent as we are. The transmission can take place worldwide.

If the level of data protection does not correspond to that in Switzerland, we carry out a prior risk assessment and contractually ensure that the same protection as in Switzerland is guaranteed (e.g. by means of the new standard contractual clauses of the EU Commission or other legally prescribed measures). If our risk assessment is negative, we will take additional technical measures to protect your data. You can use the EU Commission's Standard Contractual Clauses hereGet  .

5. Storage period of your data

We may store certain data in connection with your account in our archives, including for analytical purposes and for complete records management. The periods for which we store your information depend on the purpose for which we collected and use it.

We do not store your personal data for longer than is necessary for our business purposes or to comply with legal requirements.

Data that we store when you visit our platform is retained for twelve months. An exception applies to analysis and tracking data, which can be kept longer.

Information that we retrieve via cookies is stored in your browser. Depending on which cookies are involved, cookies are only stored during your visit. Other cookies and the information they contain can be stored for several months or longer.

6. Security Measures

No platform can guarantee security, but we have put in place appropriate physical, administrative, technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information you provide to us against unauthorized or unlawful access, use or disclosure, and accidental loss and accidental damage, alteration or destruction to protect.



This platform uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored permanently or temporarily on your computer when you visit this platform. The purpose of the cookies is to save your preferences (e.g. language and location settings), to provide the platform content quickly and attractively (e.g. by using fonts and content delivery networks), to display our locations using maps and to analyze usage this platform for statistical evaluation and for continuous improvements (by means of third-party tracking, which is usually integrated via a cookie).

You can completely or partially deactivate cookies in the settings of your browser at any time. If cookies are deactivated, you may no longer be able to use all the functions of this platform. You can find information on how to manage cookies, for example, at the following address: Enable or disable cookies

8. Analytics

We use various analysis services on our website, which are usually integrated via a cookie. The providers of these analysis services evaluate the data collected on our behalf and make it available to us in a dashboard. This enables us to get an idea of the visits and user behavior on our website. With the help of these insights we can improve our services and the website content and its design.

9. Social Media Icons

We have embedded links to our social media channels on our platform. You can see this in each case (typically via the corresponding symbols). If you click on the symbols, you will be forwarded to our social media channels.

In this case, the social media providers will find out from where you access the social media network. If you are logged into your social media account, the social media providers can assign this data to your user profile. The social media providers can use the data collected in this way for their own purposes. We would like to point out that we have no knowledge of the content of the data transmitted or how it is used.

10. Tracking Pixels

We use so-called visitor action pixels to measure whether you came to our platform via an advertisement. This enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertisements for statistical and market research purposes and to optimize future advertising measures (so-called conversion).

The data collected by the pixel is anonymous to us. We cannot draw any conclusions about the identity of the users. However, the data is stored and processed by the provider of the pixel, usually a social media provider, so that a connection to the respective user profile is possible and the third-party provider can use the data for their own advertising purposes in accordance with their data protection guidelines. We cannot influence this use of the data.

Certain tracking pixels allow a more extensive application that we use. This is the "Custom Audiences" function, with which our advertisements (usually on social media) are only shown to those people who are already interested in our offers or have similar interests. For this purpose, we can forward certain personal data to the pixel provider (so-called custom audiences) to form target groups to which our personalized advertising is to be sent.

11. Contact options

On our platform you can contact us via an electronic contact form or by e-mail. The data you provide in the input mask or in the e-mail, such as name, e-mail address, etc., is transmitted to us and stored.

The data you provide is used by us to process your request.

Security note: We would like to point out that e-mails and information on contact forms can be read or changed without authorization and unnoticed during transmission. The spam filter can also reject e-mails if they have been identified as spam based on certain characteristics. Therefore, please send us sensitive information via a secure channel (e.g. using end-to-end encryption).


12. Newsletters

You can use our platform to register for our free newsletter. With the newsletter you will receive information about our services, blog posts, news of the events.  

When you register for the newsletter, we record your e-mail address and any other contact data. We need this for shipping and verification. We are entitled to pass on your data to third parties for the purpose of technical processing of the newsletter.

By sending the newsletter registration, you give your consent to data processing. You agree to receive our newsletter regularly and that your usage behavior may be statistically evaluated to optimize the newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using the appropriate link.


13. Rights of data subjects

In accordance with the data protection law applicable to you, you have the following or some of the following rights: The right to request (1) information about and (2) correction or (3) deletion of your data or (4) restriction of the processing of your data from those responsible and (5) to object to the processing of your data. You may also have (6) the right to data portability and (7) the right to lodge a complaint. The competent supervisory authority in Switzerland is the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner:

If you have any questions about your rights, please contact the person responsible using the contact details given in point 1.

14. Right to withdraw consent at any time

You can revoke your consent to the processing of your data in accordance with this data protection declaration at any time with effect for the future. Such a revocation does not affect the lawfulness of the processing prior to the revocation of consent. You are aware that the revocation of your consent can have an impact on our service provision and that we may no longer be able to fulfill any contract without your data.

15. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Carevel KIG reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Such changes will be communicated to the registered users in good time. By continuing to use, users confirm that they are aware of the change.

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